Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where has the time gone..........

Wow....I guess it has been a while since my last post...Well what the heck have I been doing...that's what I would like to know.

Okay seriously.....I have been spending alot of time with my dog Ben.  He's doing okay, some days are good and others so so......

I have also been spending time in the garden..Getting it cleaned up and ready for planting.  I was at the Bangor Garden Show last weekend and picked up some Stargazer Lilies to add to my Lily garden.

I have also been spending alot of time on Etsy.  My new favorite place.  For those of you who don't already know I do have a shop there.  I have joined a few teams which I love.  Etsy Maine Team, Photographers on Etsy (poe) and New England Artisans Gathering all of which are great fun and having fun getting to know everyone. 
I have done 2 Treasuries....for those who don't know what the Treasury is....  Finding up to 16 individual items from 16 different shops.  Which is based on a theme from the curator of that Treasury.  It is kinda hard to check out these treasuries I have done below

This first one is Forgotten Felines.  Which I dedicated to Forgotten Felines of Maine.  When I created this treasury I wanted to make sure that all the shops involved donated some proceeds of their sale to animals...mostly cats.

This next one is Flowers for Mom.  Dedicated to all our Mothers.   Since Mother's Day is just around the corner I thought it would be appropriate.

It took me a while to figure out how these treasuries worked and to pick out a theme.  I'm starting to get the hang of it. 

I am also finding that social networking is so much easier on Etsy. It is a massive communtiy of buyers and sellers and all types of wonderfully creative minds....I find myself slowly spreading the word that Cindi Ressler Photography is here and ready to sell.  I can manage my commmunications with the teams that I am currently in and when I am ready I can add more teams.  I have had more success in people finding me on Etsy than any place else.  I have only been with Etsy since January, but I haven't put much effort into it until about a month or so ago.   Don't get me wrong, I have tried other social media networking sites, but for some reason I feel real comfortable at Etsy and getting the word out a whole lot better.  I will say I am still waiting for that first sale.  But I am going to keep plugging until I get that first sale and from there on end. 

Well I will be off to the garden for the next few days.  

Have a great weekend