Friday, September 30, 2011

Blue Morpho Butterfly

The Blue Morpho can be found in the tropical rainforests of Latin Amercia from Mexico to Columbia.
They are severely threatened due to deforestation of the tropcial rainforests.
I found this one at The Magic Wings Butterfly Conservatory & Gardens in Deerfield, Mass.  It was so cool to wander around with all these butterflies fluttering around me.  I even had one land on my camera lens.  It was so peaceful and relaxing.  I got there on a weekday and when they first opened.  It took quite a while to capture this little beauty on film.  They were constantly moving around and I had to watch constantly where I was stepping as not to step on one that was on the walkway.  It was hard to keep up with them, but so much fun!
Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Dragons of the Insect World

Dragonflies are very interesting insects.  They are a challenge to photograph especially the very large ones, which I have yet to get.  The Autumn Meadowhawk are quite easy to photograph, because there are so many and sit still long enough to get a photograph.

Autumn Meadowhawk

This Four-Spotted Skimmer are easier to photograph in the morning when they haven't had a chance to warm up yet.  I have also nicknamed this photo "Darwin", because it reminds me of Charles Darwin and the photos he had.
Four-Spotted Skimmer

Yet another Skimmer this one is a "Twelve-Spotted".  They too are easiest when photographed in the morning.  They look very similar to the "Eight-Spotted" (as was pointed out to me) and could also be mistaken for the "Common Whitetail".

Twelve-Spotted Skimmer

I want to thank the folks at  I go to this sight to ID all my bugs.  I have to say sometimes it gets dare right buggie!  Sorry, had to do it.

On another note.  The first half of my show season is over and I can now get back to business.  Office business that is.  I was really starting to wonder if this was going to be a good season.  Since last year was really bad, but I will say the first few shows wasn't looking so good either, but my August shows proved to be way better!  My faith has been restored!  I still have about 4 or 5 shows left to do this year.  I am very pleased that my "Photo Art" is doing so well (which includes textures and hand coloring and hopefully (next year) some HDR).  I think I have found my niche(s) in my photography.  As I develop my niches more, you will see more changes in my photography, my presentation and so much more.  I am excited about next year.  I expect to be doing many more shows and my booth display will be getting a facelift.

As for the cookie business, well not so good.  I added another farmers market this year, and that should have brought my sales way up, but instead I am just breaking even.  Which isn't good.  I also found myself spending so much more time (4 days) being devoted to The BlackHorse Cookie Company and so little time (1 maybe 2 days to prepare for the next show which would be the next weekend) for Cindi Ressler Photography.  My cookies are becoming more of a job and not a passion.  It isn't much fun anymore either.  So after careful thought and doing the pros and cons of it all The BlackHorse Cookie Company will ceased to exist as of December 31,2011.  

It's a little sad, but at the same time I will be able to devote all of my time promoting and selling my photography.  My true "Passion"!

You know as I writing this I am actually crying, because I put everything I have into The BlackHorse Cookie Company and to see it fail is very hard.  But I must move on and I can honestly say I tried!

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Newest Family Member!

Saturday Mom and I went to the grand opening of the  Silver Willow Gallery where I have some photography.  The Gallery was supporting a local organization Forgotten Felines who are dedicated to educating the public about feral, stray, homeless and abandoned cats and providing access to low-cost spay/neuter services and helping to get them into adoptable homes like mind.

Which is where we found who was at the time named Olive.  Who was pretty quiet at the time and now has proven differently.

So meet Maggie.....
She is about 4 1/2 months old and is a medium long hair tabby.  She is very sweet and eats with vigor and a purr, she is feisty and has no problem defending herself from Dexter who is now her older brother.  Dexter is giving her a run for her money.  Keeping an almost constant eye on her.  There is about a year between them.  I am hoping he will ease up on her and just be her big brother.  She is more curious than he is and she likes to explore high places.  Unlike Dexter who sticks close to the ground.  Dexter is an awesome mouser, which is why we got him in the first place, but I don't think Maggie will ever find how good she can be, because Dexter chased them all away.  They have pretty different cat personalities and maybe different enough to balance each other out.  I actually caught them sleeping on the same dog bed together.
Oh I should point out that she is handling the dogs quite well with that infamous black cat raised back and hiss.  Which is slowly starting to go away.  Except for Blu who has those ice blue eyes which can be intimidating at times.  The dogs are doing ok with her.  No problems there.

Here is a recent photo of Dexter


Have a great weekend and enjoy your pets!
Gillette's Castle coming soon.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Speaking of Insect How About a Caterpillar

Do you feel like your being watched? Look at all those eyes! 

This is a TomatoHorn Worm
Most gardeners have experienced this caterpillar at one point or another when growing tomatoes. 

These Tomatohorn Worms can do quite a bit of damage to any tomato garden.  If you see one on your tomato plant squash it!  If you don't mind that mushy feeling.

I actually fine them quite interesting looking, but I wouldn't touch one of these large (3" to 4") mushy feeling critters!  icky!

Have a great weekend and watch for the Assassin next week!