Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcome Our Newest Family Member Dexter!

Just ate my first fly!  Yum!

This is Dexter.  Our newest family member.  He came to our home yesterday and we spent the rest of the day getting to know him and protecting him from the dogs.  Dexter is just over a year old and is full of lovin. He is super affectionate and he has the most beautiful eyes!  As he gets more comfortable with his surroundings I will be photographing him more.  I have found he doesn't like the flash, but otherwise he seems to like the camera. He was neuter Friday and that wonderful (stinky) urine odor was everywhere.  Males tend to have that strong odor about them until they are neuter and it eventually goes away.  In fact the odor isn't so bad today.  After dinner I got him out of hiding to explore some and get to know the dogs a little better.  He slept through the night without any issues which was great! 
Today he is wandering a little more and learning oh so quickly scratching the furniture is out of the question and the squirt bottle is his enemy.  He seems to be a fast learner which is awesome.  We only seem to have one small problem.  My dog Ben who is a black golden mix (handsome boy) has an unusual play toy.  He loves cat toys!  With my previous cats we would start playing with the cats and Ben would jump right in and play.  The cats walked away disappointed and Ben was a happy as a clam!  He never broke or damaged any of the toys except for a little slim.



These are my dogs. They are Dexter's new friends and family.  Blu is 13 years old, and unfortunately for her she got too close and Dexter gave her a good swat (no claws) on the face.  Sami is 12 years old and uses extreme caution when approaching Dexter, but is persistence enough to keep sniffing and getting closer and closer.  Then there is Ben, he is 10 years old and had the unfortunate double swat from Dexter!  Yeah he got a Double!  No claws.  But that doesn't deter Ben when Dexter starts to play Ben is right there hovering over Dexter wagging his tail as they both anticipate the next move.  I think they will get along okay.
Dexter is a bug catcher he has already had his first fly.  Although he found out the hard way that ladybugs don't taste good.  Now when he sniffs on he gags!  Live and learn.
After 7 months without a cat and the invasion of a mouse who has had the nerve to enter from somewhere into the house.  We finally decided to get another cat, and I think Dexter is going to be a great addition to our family and I am looking forward to many years of fun and happiness with him. 

Special note:  Dexter was adopted from the Bangor Humane Society.  Thanks for our Dexter!


  1. Congratulations! Dexter is lucky to have found you guys. I'm sure the pups will adjust quickly... can't say as much for your resident mouse! Good luck!

  2. Great news! Dexter looks like a wonderful addition to your family!

  3. Love his beautiful handsome glad he is HOME!