Friday, April 29, 2011

Flower Power Friday! Featuring the Azalea

Yellow Azalea

Instead of just showing a photo of the flower, I also wanted to provide some information about the flower, and my experience with the flower.  Most of the flowers I photograph are from my own gardens.

Azalea are one of Spring's early blooms.  They are similar to Rhodendrons, but are smaller.  Azaleas come in a variety of colors.  They will brighten up any shady location.  They prefer shade over sun.  They like their soil slightly acidic.  Pruning should be done once the shrub has stopped blooming.  Once established they are very hardy shrubs.  I have my azaleas in a border along my driveway.  You can also group them or if you want just one plant.  You can get more information about Azaleas at Azalea Society of America and The United States National Arboretum

This has been a week of errands and cleaning.  I will be heading out to the garage over the weekend to get my tractor cleaned an ready for mowing which will probably be Monday or Tuesday.  I will also be out cleaning up the garden and putting up 2 birdhouses.  It will be a busy, busy weekend and it is suppose to be very nice weather.  I have noticed alot of new growth coming up.  Peonies, iris, poppies, columbine, lupine.  I can't wait to start photographing my flowers.  I have to get all my gardening done before those pesky blackflies come out.  They are mean little bloodsucking flies!  Here in Maine you see people wearing netting over their heads to protect their face and neck and wearing long sleeves and long pants keeps you from getting bit.

Enjoy the Azalea photograph and have a great weekend!

I just wanted to include a special note:  Next weekend is Mother's Day and I have a sale on my website.


  1. Beautiful flower! It has great color and texture! "bloodsucking flies" Yikes!

    I keep forgeting to mention that I finally tried a Whoppie pie and Wow was it good! So much better than I expected. Probably because it was so freash. The Amish baker makes them several times a day. Yum!!!

  2. Beautiful! I love that you also shared your knowledge of the flower you photographed. I can't wait see more images from your garden!

  3. Thanks so much for your comments! Looking forward to some great floral photographs this year.