Saturday, March 28, 2009

While waiting for the spring thaw

This is a photograph of my walking stick tree with some new signs of spring. The tree is only just under 4 feet tall, but it's getting there.
So as I wait for the ground to thaw before I can do any gardening, I thought I'd work on a project. Well the project is to make photo trays that I can use for my art shows to display and store my photos in when not doing shows. So there would be a top and bottom. I took the time to work out the dimensions, and I even made a cardboard version to see how it would look. Well this morning I started the project and keep in mind that I am not a carpenter, but I do know my way around a workshop somewhat. Everything was going smoothly for the most part until it was time to put the sides together. Now I asked the guy at the hardware store should I use screws or nails. He said screws, on the other hand Mom says nails. I went with screws and glued the seams. But the screws split the wood in several places despite pre drilling. Now if I had it my way I would buy the trays, but I can't find what I am looking for. And I don't know any local carpenters who could do the job. I need trays that are between 3-5 inches high and from 8-14 inches wide and about 22 inches in length. If anyone out there can tell me where I can find these sizes please let me know. I would love to keep my sanity! Though I am not one to give up easily. So I am back to the drawing board after I have gained some of my sanity back. I will persevere! I will make my trays and they will do exactly as I want! I hope. But if anyone know where I can buy them that would be great!!!
I will be making some changes to my website soon keep an eye out!
Hey everybody have a great day!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Has Arrived!

Welcome to Spring! These little lambs were born on Sunday the 23rd. Two females Robin (with the tan on her neck) and Spring. The names are appropriate for the season. Below is their mother Ellen. These lovely little lambs belong to my neighbor whose animals I watched over this past February. There are 2 more ewes that are expecting soon. I'll be watching for their lambs.

If this isn't a sign of spring! I absolutely love spring it is my favorite time of year. I now go out every day with my dogs and walk the property looking for signs of spring. There is still alot of snow, but it is disappearing. I'm eager to start working the garden, but that's still about 2 or 3 weeks away. I can see small buds on the trees and lilacs and azaleas. The robins are back in town. I feel re energized! Spring in a great season. Everything is fresh and new. Have a Wonderful Day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Good Morning all, Spring is finally on the way. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and here in Maine the weather will be sunny and in the lower 40's. I see the snow slowly melting away, and I can see things in the garden that I haven't seen since December. I can actually walk in my backyard without sinking up to my knees in snow. Though the mud season is in full swing. There is still time for more snow, which I hope doesn't happen!
Sunday this the beginning of maple syrup season. I'll be heading north to check out a maple sugarhouse which also has a buffalo farm. I also hope to see some moose. This time of year moose and car accident are more frequent. I'll be watching the roadsides more closely. At night especially you can't really see the moose because they are so tall and the headlights don't reach the eyes. So you have to be extra careful driving. It is a very serious accident if you do collide with a moose. Anyway I will post any pictures I get from that day.
The photograph above was taken last year as spring arrived in my backyard. Never did figure out what kind of tree this is. If anyone knows let me know. You can see more photos like this on my website
Tuesday night I saw the space shuttle go over my house. It looked like a slow moving shooting star, but way faster than an airplane. Our local weatherman told us to watch for it and though it looked like a star it was still very cool to see. That will probably be the one and only time I will ever see a space shuttle. Sometimes its the little things in life that can be exciting!
Have A Great Day Everyone!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mud Season

Mud season has arrived! Which means spring is on the way!!!!! Today it's sunny and about 50 degrees outside with a light breeze.
This photograph I just took today and it is a small stream within my tire tracks on my driveway which will be mostly mud once all the snow has melted. It will be tough driving in and out of the driveway. A little 4 wheelin in the drivway.
I am so anxious for spring! I can't wait to start up my photo shoots. I'll be starting my tomato and broccoli seeds indoors in a couple of weeks.
I have pretty much tied up my loose ends with the business including finishing my taxes yeah! I have some new products that I will be adding to my website soon, as well as all my shows. I only have 2 more shows to hear from which I am hoping will be this week and I will then put them on my website for you to see.
I guess now I can take some time and kick back and relax a bit. Not! I'll find plenty to keep me busy. There is always something I forgot about.
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Just when you think spring is on the way. Winter manages to BLAST us one more time! Oh and it's not 2 or 3 inches or even 5 inches we're talking up to another 14 inches!!! Roar! Says old man winter. I will not leave you yet! The gentle lamb will wait. As in, in like a lion out like a lamb. Something like that. Although when you live in Maine winter ends sometime in April. Oh well. Suck it up! Patience is a virtue as they say.
Anyway I have decided to start a cookie business as well as keeping my photography business. I expect the cookie business to kick off in September. I have been baking for the last 15 years for family and friends during the holidays and I have been told on many occasions that I should start a cookie business. So after lots of thinking and considering how big the business could be I have decided that if I can get the necessary licenses needed to get start it will be a go come September. I'm excited and nervous with the prospect of what could be.
This is a photograph of a milkweed pod in my back yard. Please see more of my photos at Please feel free to comment on my photos or anything else. I look forward to hearing from you.
Have a great day!