Thursday, March 19, 2009


Good Morning all, Spring is finally on the way. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and here in Maine the weather will be sunny and in the lower 40's. I see the snow slowly melting away, and I can see things in the garden that I haven't seen since December. I can actually walk in my backyard without sinking up to my knees in snow. Though the mud season is in full swing. There is still time for more snow, which I hope doesn't happen!
Sunday this the beginning of maple syrup season. I'll be heading north to check out a maple sugarhouse which also has a buffalo farm. I also hope to see some moose. This time of year moose and car accident are more frequent. I'll be watching the roadsides more closely. At night especially you can't really see the moose because they are so tall and the headlights don't reach the eyes. So you have to be extra careful driving. It is a very serious accident if you do collide with a moose. Anyway I will post any pictures I get from that day.
The photograph above was taken last year as spring arrived in my backyard. Never did figure out what kind of tree this is. If anyone knows let me know. You can see more photos like this on my website
Tuesday night I saw the space shuttle go over my house. It looked like a slow moving shooting star, but way faster than an airplane. Our local weatherman told us to watch for it and though it looked like a star it was still very cool to see. That will probably be the one and only time I will ever see a space shuttle. Sometimes its the little things in life that can be exciting!
Have A Great Day Everyone!

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