Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mud Season

Mud season has arrived! Which means spring is on the way!!!!! Today it's sunny and about 50 degrees outside with a light breeze.
This photograph I just took today and it is a small stream within my tire tracks on my driveway which will be mostly mud once all the snow has melted. It will be tough driving in and out of the driveway. A little 4 wheelin in the drivway.
I am so anxious for spring! I can't wait to start up my photo shoots. I'll be starting my tomato and broccoli seeds indoors in a couple of weeks.
I have pretty much tied up my loose ends with the business including finishing my taxes yeah! I have some new products that I will be adding to my website soon, as well as all my shows. I only have 2 more shows to hear from which I am hoping will be this week and I will then put them on my website for you to see.
I guess now I can take some time and kick back and relax a bit. Not! I'll find plenty to keep me busy. There is always something I forgot about.
Have a great day everyone!

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