Monday, May 24, 2010

Mind Boggling!


I am in the unfortunate situation where I have to transfer web hosts. I find it to be very difficult and frustrating and confusing. I have already provided my new host with the information they required, but honestly I don't know if it is right or not. I have tried to communicate with them and being I am using dreamweaver I think it is more difficult. I just started this whole process today. So I will see how long it takes for things to transfer. I hope I didn't make a mistake. My current host has become a nightmare to contend with and I just couldn't take them any more. I hope my new host is better.

As soon as the transfer is complete you will be able to see my new Dogs, Cats & more...Pet Photography page. I will fill you in on the details late.

Well here it is May 24th, I am in Maine and it's 90 degrees! What is with that! We have had some unusually high temperatures this month and spring has sprung early. This morning I transplanted 13 plants and I have to say they don't look so happy right now, but I will baby them to the max to get them established again. I am considering creating another peony garden in the fall, trying to get some unique colors other than the whites and pinks.

The Farmers' Markets were great this week for photography and cookies. I look forward to another great week.

Have a great day!

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