Sunday, December 19, 2010

Re evaluating

American Gold Finch

So since I have started Tweeting I have learned alot of things about how I do things. Basically I have to do what is right and what works. Most of the time if you follow your gut it's right. Right? For over a year I have been blogging and I only have a few followers. Who I am grateful to have! But I want more people to learn about me and the adventures I have chosen to take with my 2 businesses. The struggles and successes I contend with constantly.

So to keep it short and sweet. For those of you who are new readers, I have been in the photography business doing Art Festivals for the past 4 years with some success, but not enough. I started a cookie business this year to help with the photography business, (Do Not want to go back to the big box stores!) which had very good results! But who doesn't like a homemade cookie!?

With that said I will be posting weekly on my progress for 2011. My goal with this is I hope to learn for myself and for others the good and or bad of running 2 businesses. I also hope I will get feedback from my readers.

So bare with me, hang tight and I'll take any and all advice you have to offer.

My next blog will be a summary of 2010. Some good and some not so good. See you in a week!

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