Friday, May 18, 2012

Just Peachy

This posting is all about peaches.....Why? Well after 3 or 4 years my peach tree has finally produced more than 3 blossoms. Which I am hoping for some peaches this year. Living in Maine growing peaches can be tough. The variety I have is "Reliance" which is suppose to handle -10 to -15 degrees. I will be photographing my peach tree as the fruit matures. 
I have used Flypaper Textures to soften up the photo some.

In case you missed them I have created 2 treasuries this week...the one above is "Just Peachy" and the one below is "The Railroad".  Great gift ideas for all on  Don't forget Father's Day coming up.

My uncle was a conductor on the railroad and I have always been fascinated with the railroad.

Anticipating a great sunny weekend and will be spending lots time in the garden.

Have a Super Weekend!


  1. Beautiful peach blossom photo! It is a challenge growing peaches in maine, good luck with yours. I hope you get your first year of peaches. Great treasuries too.

  2. Like the shot today.

    That steamer trunk is bad-ass. :)