Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Location!

I have been unfortunately having some problems with my google account which affects this blog.  I am able to post, but nothing more.  So I have created another email account with google and another blog.  You can now find me at  Everything is pretty much the same.  There are a few changes, but not much.  I did try to create a blog through wordpress, but I was having a hard time figuring things out.  So I stuck with what I know and will do the best I can to make it a blog worth visiting.

Come follow me over at the other blog!  See you there!

1 comment:

  1. Just to let you know if you can get into you old blog setting you can add your new email to your blogs admin then you can log on with your new account and remove your old email address from your admin list to only have your new email associated with you old blog or keep both email accounts as active admin.. Either way you would not lose ASL you old post by staying A new blog. Just a thought.