Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hello Again!!!!

Helloooooo!!!! Sorry I have been gone so long. I have been busy and trying to reevaluate my business. Emotionally it has been a crazy few months. The last 3 shows were flops. Which of course would leave one feeling discouraged. I have been trying to stay optimistic but it has been difficult. I have decided to open a cookie/cupcake business next year providing I can get the necessary permits and licenses. The business will only be part time and I will attend a couple of local farmer's markets where I will sell the cookies and cupcakes and in the Fall I will have an marketing plan to sell them to various office complexes in my area for holiday gifts or for parties. I still believe my photography will do well it is just going to take longer than I had hoped. Where everyone loves a good cookie or cupcake and they should sell much faster and more of them. Which is why I am doing the cookie/cupcake business to supplement until the photography takes off. I actually thought of opening a bakery/photo gallery, but soon realized that my photography would suffer tremendously and that is not what I want. I do know that my photography is my #1 job and the cookies/cupcakes are #2. I love doing both, but photography more.
I have also been working on some new photo projects and I will also have some cookie/cupcake photos coming soon. I will try my hardest to stay in touch and keep you informed with my progress and I hope you all will give me your input.
I have made some changes to my website. Please check it out.
Talk to you all soon
Have a Great Day!!!

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