Monday, November 9, 2009


Good Morning all,
The show this past weekend I did not do well. I was alittle disappointed. I did get more customers for my mailing list. I also made enough to get the necessary licenses and permits for my cookie business. So there was some positive in the weekend. I always try to find the positive in a bad situation. Because there usually is something good. I hope next weekends show is better though. You know maybe next year I will do my photography part time and the cookies full time and then the following year I can reverse it. Just to get the cookie business out there. I am still in thought processes for all of this. Everything is subject to change. But I do know that I will have both businesses and which one will be full time and which will be part time is to be determined. I just have to have a plan and stick with it and see how the year goes (2010) and take it from there. Any input would be great!
The photo is milkweed with its seeds bursting out of its pod.
Have a great day!

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