Friday, July 30, 2010

Our Pets

My pets are my children who I love and would do anything for them. They make me laugh, they my me mad, they make me happy, they let me cuddle them and hold them and they as I love them unconditionally. They may not talk to me in human words, but they speak volumes with their affections. You know when they are happy and when they are sad. You learn to watch for those small signs that let you know that something isn't right. Then you decide whether there is a need to go to the Vet. Despite the costs you do the right thing and hope for the best. Well 2 days ago I had to make that decision and it turns out that Dusty ( kitty photos above) has kidney failure. She is about 12 or 13 years old and has been through so much in her life, everything from urinary tract infections, to thyroid issues and high blood pressure, losing her vision and now this. She is responding to treatment and will be home tomorrow. She is happy, alert and eating all good signs, but in the long run the kidneys will shut down and will take her from us. The Vet can not determine how long that will be. Could be a few months or longer, I am hoping for longer. But it does seem to be short term. I will do everything I can to make her remaining months however many she has as happy as I can. She is the last of 4 cats that I have had since 1990. There was Apollo who I had for 9 years, then Pumpkin was 16 years and Misty my most recent was 19 years. I am happy that all my cats have had and has a happy life. They were and are spoiled kitties, with lots of toys, they had and have condos to play on and of course lots of catnip. I don't know if I will get another cat. After cleaning litter boxes for the past 19 plus years, I think I might take a break from cats that might last all of a few months perhaps. I still have 3 dogs who I love very much and they to are very spoiled. More about them another time.
Thank you for letting me ramble on about my pets.


  1. Hi Cindy. I can totally relate to this post. I've been married for almost 23 yrs and we've had five cats instead of children over the years. Now we have two 14 year old cats Simba and Lucy and we recently found out that Simba has kiddney problems. We give him subcutaneous fluids, a special kiddney diet and plenty of water. I hope Dusty lives for a long time. We once had a cat that had a very bad heart condition and the vet gave him 4 to 6 months to live but he ended up living another 9 happy years! I also knew a woman who had a 23 yr old cat that had a kiddney problem for 10 yrs.

  2. Thanks James for your kind and hopeful words, Dusty is home now and she is getting the fluids and special kidney diet too. Unfortunately she only has use of 25% of her kidneys. So far she seems to be doing okay, but time will tell. Dusty will be extra spoiled being that we have no idea how long she will be with us. I hoping for a long time but only time will tell. Thanks again.

  3. Cindi, thanks so much for your visit and your kind words about Simba. I'm so sorry about Dusty. Do you know about the CRF list? It's wonderful. Most of the people are extremely knowledgeable. I've learned so much there. Also, if you post Dusty's blood results (BUN, creat, phos, etc.), you'll get some good advice. Here's the URL: Also, here's a web site that gives you a lot of info:

    I wish you and Dusty all the best!!