Thursday, November 18, 2010

Black & White or Color

Black & White or Color. Which one do you like. I like the Black & White.
I have one more photo show this year. It is the United Maine Craftsmen 36th Annual Thanksgiving Arts & Crafts Show. Friday the 25th & Saturday the 26th. I still have photography at the Maine Crafts Holiday Store in the Bangor Mall until the end of December.
It's that time of year when I start getting all the summaries of the year together and to get ready for next year. Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork! With that said. Have a great Thanksgiving Everyone!


  1. Cindi, I just saw your post about Dusty. I'm so sorry. It's hard losing a beloved pet and I just wanted to say I feel for you. We lost Bucky last year and I still miss him. I know this was a few months ago. I apologize for missing that post.

    Best of luck with your paperwork. I wish you a happy Thanksgiving.