Monday, November 8, 2010

Simply Blue

Good Morning,
In the process of learning more about social media and online marketing. I have been told that for a business to really success it is necessary to know social media and the different platforms to be involved in. I will say it is a slow process trying to figure out who is who and who you should be connected with. I want my business to thrive and in time it will. I will continue to have an optimistic outlook. I refuse to give up. I find myself constantly learning. I studied photography at the Arts Institute in Seattle and though I learn a tremendous amount of information about the technical side of photography, I didn't learn too much about the business side of photography. So I will continue to learn and become the best that I can be as a photographer and business woman.
The photograph above is called "Simply Blue", because it is just that for me. But maybe you see something else. I want my Color Reflections Collection to Inspire the Imagination.

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  1. I understand your frustration. Our local college does courses in digital photography but when I went in for advice about the best way present photos to potential buyers there was no help available.

    Thank you for following Pictures Just Pictures.

    I’ve now used all the allotted space for photos there and have started a new blog so I can carry on. It’s called

    Message in a Milk Bottle

    I’ve given it a different look but its purpose is unchanged - a photo a day.