Friday, August 12, 2011

Flower Power Friday!

Beautiful, bright, happy Sunflowers are this weeks flower!

Sunflowers are a wonderful flower to have in any garden.  You sow them once and they will return for years, though not as abundant as the first year.

They attract birds and bees from all around.

I make sure I have sunflowers in my garden every year.  Next year I will plant a new crop of sunflowers and try some new varieties.

I generally let the sunflowers die off in the garden as they will provide a constant food source for the birds.

This weekend I will be heading to Connecticut for the The Mystic Outdoor Art Festival.  This is my first year doing this festival.  I am also going to The Buttonwood Sunflower Farm to photograph some sunflowers.  They also sell ice cream which I am looking forward to trying.  I love ice cream any time of year!  So photographing fields of sunflowers and eating ice cream what could be better!
Until next time
Have a great weekend!
Coming Soon.  My adventures to Gillette's Castle.

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