Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Color or Black & White

I had recently been to Port Clyde, Maine to photograph the Marshall Point Lighthouse.  I am looking for you opinions.  Should this photo be color or black & white.  Also I would like to know.  If a photo looks good in both color and black & white.  Would you add them both to the website or just one.

Marshall Point Lighthouse--I used Nik Silver Efex pro 2

I used Nik Color Efex pro 4

I am still in the experimental stage, but I am liking the Nik Silver Efex pro 2 and the Color Efex pro 4.
So please what are your thoughts. 


  1. For this particular photo, I am definitely drawn to the color. The blue, grey, pink palate really suits the feeling of this image. Beautiful.

  2. Wonderful shot. I like the mono version. Looks really nice.

  3. Hi Cindi, I really like them both. The mono version gives off a stronger presence, but the color version is calming and very pleasing to the eye. I guess it depends on who you're doing this for.

  4. Thanks so much for all your comments! I still am not sure which one I like better, so I will print them both and see what my customers think.

  5. I like both. I have a really hard time choosing between color and black and white.