Friday, July 29, 2011

Flower Power Friday!

This week's featured flower is the Queen Anne's Lace!

First I would like to apologize for missing so many weeks of Flower Power Friday.  I have been busy with shows and farmers markets.  I have some down time and plan on catching up before the next wave of activity kicks in!

I love Queen Anne's Lace!  I realize that here in the U.S. it can be an invasive plant and is known as a weed, but I think it is quite lovely.  This flower can be found just about any were from the meadows to the cities. 
The Queen Anne's Lace is a member of the Parsley family and is sometimes known as a wild carrot, though it isn't edible.

I enjoy photographing this flower from the bottom and top of the flower.  It is beautiful all the way around!

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
Have a great week!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Flower Power Friday!

This weeks flower is the Daisy!

There are so many varieties of daisies out there, colored daisies, Shasta daisies, double bloom daisies and so many more.  I grow Shasta Daisies and I also have wild daisies growing in the meadow.
They are super easy to grow.  They are in a word "simply beautiful".  They are also great for "he love me, he not."

I do want to take a moment and apologized for my lack of blogging, tweeting and facebooking.  This time of year until September are very busy weeks for me.  With my 2 businesses The BlackHorse Cookie Company and my photography are both keeping me on my toes and trying to stay a little ahead, but unfortunately not enough to maintain my social media outlets.  Hang with me and I will do my best to keep in touch. 
Thanks & Have a Great Summer!