Friday, March 4, 2011

At Attention Soldier

This one of my favorite bug photos.  While I was out photographing my Azaleas in the Spring I came across this Soldier Beetle.  So I started photographing him and then I realized he might be dead, so I tapped lightly on the flower petals and "At Attention" he came.  In my opinion there is nothing good about photographing a dead beetle in a beautiful Azalea.  So I was very thankful he came around.  I guess it was too early in the morning and he hadn't warmed up yet.  I absolutely love this photo.  The colors are rich and bright and the Soldier Beetle looks great too!

At Attention
Soldier Beetle


  1. These are all beautiful images! The orange petals are so very rich in color and detail. Amazing morning lighting, too. That Soldier Beetle is quite photogenic. A joy to view your wonderful blog!

  2. You can see its eyes! It's so exciting to have something come out this clearly and this unusually.


  3. Thank you Julie. I appreciate you comments very much

  4. Thanks Lucy. I think he was just to cold to move which allowed me to get quite close.