Sunday, March 20, 2011

Something Wicked This Way Comes

I photographed this tree a few days ago when I went to Rockland.  When I photographed this tree it was late morning and the lighting was a little harsh as were the shadows.  I like the composition, but not the lighting.  I tried it as a black and white, but that wasn't working for me.   Then I tried toning it and again almost there, but not quite, then I decided to try the Flypaper Textures which worked and I am pleased with the end results.  I really like the branches distorting in different directions gives the tree alot of character. This is one of the beautiful flowering trees in the spring.  Speaking of Spring.  Happy Spring!  It is finally here, but here in Maine we are expecting 2-5 inches of snow tomorrow.  Go figure.  Really even though Spring is here we do nothing in the yard until May.  When we are not contending with snow in the Spring we have the mud season, and it is senseless to do any yard work until May.  This is were you have to be patience on the nice days.


  1. A most interesting, captivating image! It really pulls the viewer in. The depth, detail and composition of this photograph is outstanding. Amazing work!