Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friend or Foe

Gray Squirrel
 This is my favorite Gray Squirrel photo.  Some people love them some people not so much.  A lot of people have stories about the evasion of Gray Squirrels on the bird feeders.  I have heard many stories about the infamous Gray Squirrel.  Some people want to destroy them, but most don't.  They very smart and for me fun to watch.  Unfortunately I have no Oak Trees on my property or near by so I rarely see them.  Instead I see and hear the nasty Brown Squirrel who has a mean temper and will chase you away.  Example I was out photographing the field near my house and notice these 2 Brown Squirrels chasing each other.  I position my self to photograph the one who climbed into the tree and within seconds I heard rustling in the grass in front of me and about 10 feet away was the other Brown Squirrel ready to chase me away and away I went, but not without a few photos.  Now on the flip side of that story is the Gray Squirrel who nicely posed for me on a picnic table at a campsite in Florida.  Now who is the more photographic squirrel?

Brown Squirrel

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