Friday, June 3, 2011

Flower Power Friday!

This weeks flower is the beautiful Peony.

The Peony is one of my favorite all time flowers.  They have big blooms (3-5 inches) and are beautiful in bouquets or arrangements and some smell fabulous!  These flowers are often used in bridal bouquets.

They come in a variety of colors and blossom types.  I have mostly pinks and whites, but there are also corals, bright pinks, yellows and even a lime green.  Their blossom types a varied too, from double blooms, singles, semi-doubles and one they call the bomb, it is a single bloom with a mini double in the center.  If you are a Peony lover check out Klehm's Song Sparrow Perennials.  They have a huge selection of Peonies and a ton of information.

Peonies are relatively easy to grow.  The best time to plant or transplant Peonies are in the Fall.  They well reseed themselves if you don't deadhead the flowers.  Which was a surprise to me.  I didn't deadhead one year and the next year I had dozens of new peonies.  They won't flower for a year or two.  In fact this year out of those first dozen, the few that I transplanted are showing buds this year.  I am curious to see what color and blossom types I will get.  They like sunny to partial sunny areas.  They do better is cooler climates.  Peonies don't do will in heat and will diminish with too much rain.  Most Peonies will need support.  The flowers makes them very top heavy and will drop to the ground.  There are Peony hoops that can be bought at any garden center.  Peonies are also deer resistant!

Peonies look beautiful in almost any location in your garden, they also make a great border!
Have a great weekend!  Happy gardening!

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