Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Catbird

This week is for the Catbird. 

This lovely bird is about the size of a Robin and it is gray with a black patch on its head and a reddish brown under its tail.  The Catbird sometimes sounds like a cat and I have often seen them dive bomb cats. 

I believe I have a nesting pair near by since they frequent the bird feeder.  I think they are in the Barberry shrubs which are quite large and very safe from predators since the shrub is loaded with thorns.

Well as far as the Tree Swallows goes they have taken up residence in the birdhouse that has the eastern exposure.  They have been in and out of that house often.  Apparently they are quite tolerant of people, I have been able to get quite close to the house with the female watching my every move while I weed the garden.  I also talk to her so she will get used to my voice.  I don't know it that will do any good, but why not.  Watch for new photos coming soon.
I added another birder feeder post.  I am using it for the Hummingbirds.  I hope to get another Hummingbird feeder soon.  I still don't know why they don't share.  Anybody out there know?
It seems that the birds are not visiting the feeders as much right now.  Which is probably because there is plenty of their natural food out there.
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