Friday, May 13, 2011

Flower Power Friday, Featuring the Lupines

 Lupines are very common here in Maine.  They grow in gardens, meadows and on the sides of the roads.  They are quite hardy here.  I have seen them in full and partial sun.  They bloom in June.  The most popular colors are the blue/purples, but there are white, pink, red and yellow.  They will reseed and can easily take over if not watched.  I planted mine near the back field where I do want them to take over.  This is the second year for my Lupines.  I have a blue/purple, yellow and red I think.  I see that they are doing well right now, and can't wait til they bloom!


  1. Cindi - gorgeous photo! I love this time of year as everything starts blooming. I'd want them to take over too.