Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All about the Birds!

Last week it had been a bit rainy and there wasn't much activity around the birdhouses.  On the days that were nice I did notice the Tree Swallows where again house hunting.  I did notice also that there maybe some furniture moving (nesting materials), but I'm still not sure we have a sale pending.  I did see a Eastern Bluebird at our open house.  Only saw the Eastern Bluebird the one day, hasn't been back since.
I haven't seen any activity from our Eastern Phoebe.


I've  had several male Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at the feeder.  Which lead me to realize that I have had 2 female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks that have been feeding at the feeder for the past week or so.  They looked alittle like Sparrows, but are larger.  When I looked up the male Grosbeak that is when I concluded that I had the females.  I have had several visits from the female and male Evening Grosbeaks.  Very exciting and I am trying to get some good photos to post.  I am learning quickly to be patience and wait for them to hop off the feeder to the porch long enough to click off a few shots.  I'm hoping on my next post I will have some photos for  you.

Last week I had mentioned about how the Cowbird and the Sparrow and who will benefit from the other.  Well the Cowbird will benefit from the Sparrow.  See the Cowbird lays her eggs in the Sparrows nest and the Sparrows raise the Cowbirds young as if it were their own.  The Cowbird does nothing.  The Cowbird does this to many other species of birds.  Kinda not fair uh.  This is the first year I have seen this.  I see the Cowbird pair hanging out with the Sparrows near their nest.  I know from previous years that the Sparrows have several nesting during the year.  So it will be interesting to see if the Cowbirds will do the same and keep those nice Sparrows very busy.  The Cowbirds have been difficult to photograph.  I hope next weeks post I will have some.

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