Friday, May 27, 2011

Flower Power Friday!

Today I am featuring 2 flowers.  The first ones are the Lilac.  This is a wonderful shrub to have if you love the color purple and the wonderful fragrance it has.  Actually Lilacs come in an array of colors.  White, yellow, pink, purple and then combination colors like purple with white.  As most of you may know, this is quite a hardy shrub to have around.  With time they will grow quite tall about 8-10 feet tall and will send up shoots which in turn will spread out.  This is a shrub that if you want to let it go it will get huge, but with yearly maintenance it can be contained and look beautiful. 

 The first photo is of a Double Bloom pale pink Lilac.  I have been growing this in my yard for the past 4-5 years and it has grown about 3 feet, but the blooms are not as abundant as the original Lilac.  It does smell and look equally as beautiful as the original Lilac.

The last photo is Apple Blossoms which are also in bloom now.  Along our property we have several apple trees growing.  I really don't eat the apples being I don't know what kind they are and also it is said that some folks here in Maine planted apples trees on the border of their property to keep the deer out.  Another words while the deer enjoy the tasty apples the flower and or vegetable gardens stay safe from hungry deer.  Honestly I don't believe that to be true, but that is what I have heard around here.  You know people have there tales and stories to tell.


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