Friday, June 10, 2011

Flower Power Friday!

Today's featured flower are Irises!
The first photo is the Yellow Siberian Iris.

I have been growing these Irises for a couple of years now.  I have the dark purple version too.  Right now it is budding and will be blooming in the next few days.  At which point I will be out with the camera photographing.  These are pretty hardy plant.  Mine grow in full sun.  These grow in what I would call a clump and it seems to get a little bigger every year.
The next several photos are all German Bearded Irises.
This photo was taken this year.

I just started growing these last year.  I did get a few blooms and that was great.  This year the plants had doubled in size.  They too grow in full sun.  They grow from rhizomes (type of bulb) and you can see the rhizome just on the ground surface which is okay, they like it that way.

You might have seen this abstract of the German Bearded Iris before.  It was the first photo I posted when I started "Flower Power Friday."

This German Bearded Iris was photographed this year too.
I also have a dark blue and a dark red German Bearded Irises.  The blue will be blooming in the next few days and the red looks like probably next week.


  1. What a glorious garden you must have with all those stunning irises! Absolutely exquisite images! Exceptional work!

  2. Nice Iris, mine keep getting trashed by the rains!

  3. Thanks for all your great comments. Art my purple and white ones are pretty trashed now.

  4. Hi Cindi, these are simply gorgeous Iris images! I'm looking forward to seeing all of your photography!

  5. Thank you very much Rachel much apprieciated!