Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well here in Maine we have had a great stretch of nice weather. I have been able to get some gardening done, alittle tilling, alittle weeding and finding lots of earthworms. I mean lots! I have black plastic paths in my garden that had some some small dirt piles and under those dirt piles where huge clusters of earthworms. They were everywhere. So where I tilled I threw them on those beds and they almost immediately disappeared into the soil. Tell ya I don't have any soil problems with that many earthworm! Which is very good! You just never know what you will discover in the garden. It's kinda like being a kid again, you get in there and clean and weed and you seen new things and explore and try to understand why. The earthworms were trying to stay warm from the black plastic and also trying to keep from drying out. There is always a reason why nature does what it does. We just have to figure it out. You never, never, never stop learning! This is when I wish I had some kids around to show and tell with. Some how I don't think my dogs really care. They would probably try to eat them. Yuck!!

So in between trying to get my gardening done and all the other errands that I have been running around doing, I have managed to update my website and have added a What's New in 2009 page which contains 2010 calendars and I will also now be accepting credit card payments. I am very excited about it! I hope that it will boost my sales some. Please visit my website at and let me know your thoughts. I can take some criticism.

Everyone Have a Great Day!

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  1. Thank you for becoming a follower of PICTURES JUST PICTURES, Cindi.

    It's interesting, I find, to compare our photos because in some, there are quite strong similarities, and in others, great differences in style.

    I was interested to see sand ripples in your gallery . . . and I have a photo scheduled for exactly the same kind of seaweed as you already have there . . . indeed, tomorrow (24th April 2009) I will be showing a photo of very ordinary pebbles on a beach.

    Thanks for your visit - and I look forward to hearing more from you.