Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April showers May flowers

As I wait for the May flowers and for the April showers to end. I sit patiently at my desk looking at my garden thinking about what flowers I will add to the garden. I have already purchased and beautiful purple day lily as well as purple and orange phlox. All of which will add a nice rich vibrants to the garden. I planted seedling perennials last year and I am anxious to see if they come back. I have an abundance of red bee balm that I have to move which will go into my snake garden. Yes I have a snake garden. It is a small garden with a large rock in the middle. The garden was there before we moved in so now I have learned over the years that there is apparently snake housing below the rock. So I get my gardening there done early and that way I can see the snakes (gardener) early and not get surprised! So weeding has become a problem with the snakes and all. So that is why I am transplanting the bee balm there. Weeds will be less and the snakes will be undisturbed and it will look good. We'll both be happy.
That will be one less garden to worry about. My large garden is a combination flower, vegetable and fruit garden. I have started my tomatoes, broccoli and my herbs. I'm still thinking what to add next. I'm thinking of more daylilies, and peonies. I absolutely love my peonies. My garden is my canvas for my photography so I try to find and add different flowers every year, until the garden is full. A lot of the flowers on my website www.cindiresslerphotography.com are from my garden. I am so trying to keep my garden as maintenance free as possible. Early in the season I have lots of time to maintain it, but when I start my shows my time is very limited and unfortunately the weeds take over. Some day maybe this year I will win over the weeds. We will see.
Happy gardening!!!

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