Friday, January 15, 2010

Art Gallery Reception

Last night went well. Although because this show was done on such short notice that not everything was in place. Let see, the week after Christmas I was called to do the show, and I told the gallery dealer I would have to think about it, because it was such short notice. I called my friend Lori and she got the same phone call and basically told me to do it. So on New Years Day the gallery dealer called back and I agreed. The concept was the photos had to be current, like within the last couple of weeks. Well I have to say I don't generally photograph in the winter, and lately it has been brutally cold, but Lori and I went to downtown Bangor to photograph (since this exhibit is about Bangor and the photos have to relate somehow to Bangor). It was cold and slightly windy and the sun managed to stay around for the morning and was gone by lunchtime. The last week or 2 here in Maine the weather has be snowy, cloudy and very cold. So we were lucky to get the sun before the opening. Needless to say this show was very last minute and very quick to put together. Which is why it wasn't completely set up last night. Lori photos didn't have enough lighting on them to see them well, and my photos, one in particular was too high to see the full story in it. It is a photo of the Mt Hope Cemetery in Bangor, the lighting and shadows were very cool, but what caught my eye was out of all the cemetery headstones one stood out with a sunburst on the corner of the stone. So I called the photo Angel. With the photo so high you can't see the sunburst and get the full effect. So I asked the gallery dealer if he could lower the photo. I hope he it does! The other photo I have there is similar to the photo here, but the window is on a brick building with black trim around the window that is reflecting the building across the street. That photo received alot of good comments. My photos will be at the Bangor City Hall until March 19th when there will be another reception and I will then find out where my photos will go next.
The photo here is also in downtown Bangor. I believe it is a tobacco shop and the reflection is the building across the street.
Have a great day everyone!

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