Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art Gallery

Well tonight is the big night. I have my gallery opening tonight and I am excited and nervous! I really don't know what to except. I hope the photos that I used look alright. Unfortunately I can't display them until after the show. I was asked by the gallery dealer to bring some sort of food item for the reception tonight. So I took this opportunity to bake some cookies and maybe do alittle promoting for my cookie business which is due to officially open February 1, 2010. Check out my cookie business blog at . I will be posting photos hopefully in the next few weeks. Anyway back to photography--I have been invited to donate 1 of my photos to one of the larger healthcare centers here in Maine for their big gala event in May There will be an auction in which my photo and several other item will be auctioned off. Which would produce quite a bit of publicity and hopefully customers. I just have to choose which photo. Lori tells me I should us one of my Color Reflections. I agree and I am thinking of one of these photos. Any opinions would be awesome!
Well I'll let you know how it goes. Have a great day everyone!


  1. Have fun tonight and congratulations! I love all the "color reflection" images but felt especially drawn to "Inspirations of Color".

  2. Thanks Dianne,
    I have to agree I have been leaning towards that one.

  3. Thank you for adding my blog: I always love to hear from fellow photographers. I had a look at your website too Cindi and have to say you have some awesome photos.