Sunday, April 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Spring Cleaning

Well I know I am getting a late start in garden cleaning and of course the one year I am not in a hurry to get into the garden Spring comes early. So now that I have tied up almost all the necessary loose ends ie. updating the website, brochures, business card. I can finally get myself outside and get my garden cleaned up. I have noticed my peonies, lilies, Valerian, toadflax, poppies, sea holly, globe thistle, daylilies, daisies, delphiniums and coneflowers and that is just to name the ones I can see. I am sure there are many more under the dead growth from last year I have yet to uncover. Plus I have a lawn to mow and a garage to clean out. I definitely have my work cut out for me and I hope I can have it done by weeks end. It is suppose to be nice weather all week. I expect I will be very sore and will taking some aspirin for a few days to get me through the aches. Then after it is all done I hope that I can maintain it better this year than I have in years past. I get alittle better every year. I am anxious to photograph all my flowers.
The photos above are from a place in Florida called Corkscrew Swamp. It was very diverse landscape. These are reflections of airplants that grow among the trees and are very common there. Although it was slightly disappointing visit.
Well here is to a busy week.

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