Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Done!

After a week plus time I have completely updated my website. Now I know I have done this once, but I have added a new ordering setup and I have added enlarged photos. So when you go to one of the galleries and choose a photo click and it will show an enlarged version and it will also show size and pricing options and you can order from there. Where before you had to know your item number then go to the order page type in the number and then order. And you had smaller photos. Now I have larger photos to see and easier ordering. Lots of work! But I really like the way it came out and hopefully it will encourage more orders. Please let me know what you think of http://www.cindiresslerphotography.com/ new website. Also I have added alot of new photos alot from my trip to Florida. I am done with doing anything more to this website except to add new photos. Now I can get out to my gardens and get them cleaned up so the new flowers can get through and I can start photographing them. I am looking forward to a good year!
The photograph above is one of my many color reflections. I call this "Nightclub". Naming my color reflections photos has become quite a chore, but after redoing the website I have managed to create some new names.
Have a great Day!

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