Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Re Doing the website again!

Hi All!
Well I am at it again. I have a new plan for my website and I hope it will make it easier for the user. But it will involve a ton of work and at least a week to do. It will be definitely an improvement on the current site. I just have to be patient and diligent to get it done within a week. At least that is the goal. It will look similar as it does now. But that is all I am saying.
On another note. I am having a photo contest with my newsletter. Any one interested sign up for our FREE newsletter for more information.
I finished my taxes. Yeah! Taxes are never fun, at least not for me.
So how do you feel about lady bugs?! Well I do like them and I won't kill them, or not on purpose, but right now they are flocking to the southwest corner of my white house and they are getting in too. In fact right now there is one wandering on my keyboard. Kinda hard to type around him/her especially when it is on the "S" key. Excuse me while I move it....... On a daily bases I get the vacuum and clean up the many who have died. Not pleasant and frankly quite stinky. It won't last long and they will fade away. Fortunately I am very good at ignoring things when I need too and if they aren't in my way. And of course it is my office that is the only room effected. Oh well.
The photograph here is of an White Ibis. One of the many birds I saw in Florida.
Have a great day!

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