Monday, January 25, 2010

New Product

I would like to introduce The Calendar Gift Basket. You can get more information on this product through my cookie blog I came up with this product so I could incorporate both businesses and promote both. I haven't decided quite yet if I will put this on my photography website yet. I don't think I will be creating a website for the cookie business. At least not yet. But I'll try it out later today on dreamweaver and see how it looks for the photography website.
I have spent the entire weekend baking and photographing cookies. I think I am good for now. Watch my cookie blog for more additions.
Oh and don't forget to check out I have added new photos and yes even 2011 calendars. It is never too early to get those calendars done.
Have a superb day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Spirit

Good Morning all on this snowy Maine morning. Well I still have a ton of photography work to do, and I hope to have it all done by tonight. I have been scanning my black & white negatives as well as some color negatives. This photograph is one of the color and is one of my favorites. I try to live my life as a free spirit. Doing what I love and what I am very passionate about. I try to stay as stress free as possible, but as most of us know that can be difficult, especially when you are trying to run 2 of your own businesses, but I love what I do, and as with any job you love there will always be highs and lows. Right now I am on a little high. Trying to stay mildly optimistic about my 2 businesses. I am in a hurry up and wait time. I am so curious on how the businesses will do this year. But as they say patience is a virtue. And let me tell you my patience have been tried.
Anyway my photographer friend has been asked to do some photos for an art gallery in Florida featuring Florida wildlife. So she will be going to Florida soon. She had asked me if I wanted to go and split the costs, and at first I jumped at the chance, but after serious consideration with what little finances I have, my business might suffer from it. And this year really has to shine for me, As I need this year to really show some positive financial increases. So I had to tell her no. She was completely understanding, but still wants me to go. We'll see.
I sent in my application for one of the biggest fairs in Maine (the Fryeburg Fair) and with a referral from one of my friends who does the fair, I hope along with my photos I can get in. It would be huge!!!! I would have 9 days at this fair and would need enough product to last 9 days. I should hear something within the next month or so. It is a tough show to get into. Here's hoping. Off to work I go. Have a great day everyone!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Art Gallery Reception

Last night went well. Although because this show was done on such short notice that not everything was in place. Let see, the week after Christmas I was called to do the show, and I told the gallery dealer I would have to think about it, because it was such short notice. I called my friend Lori and she got the same phone call and basically told me to do it. So on New Years Day the gallery dealer called back and I agreed. The concept was the photos had to be current, like within the last couple of weeks. Well I have to say I don't generally photograph in the winter, and lately it has been brutally cold, but Lori and I went to downtown Bangor to photograph (since this exhibit is about Bangor and the photos have to relate somehow to Bangor). It was cold and slightly windy and the sun managed to stay around for the morning and was gone by lunchtime. The last week or 2 here in Maine the weather has be snowy, cloudy and very cold. So we were lucky to get the sun before the opening. Needless to say this show was very last minute and very quick to put together. Which is why it wasn't completely set up last night. Lori photos didn't have enough lighting on them to see them well, and my photos, one in particular was too high to see the full story in it. It is a photo of the Mt Hope Cemetery in Bangor, the lighting and shadows were very cool, but what caught my eye was out of all the cemetery headstones one stood out with a sunburst on the corner of the stone. So I called the photo Angel. With the photo so high you can't see the sunburst and get the full effect. So I asked the gallery dealer if he could lower the photo. I hope he it does! The other photo I have there is similar to the photo here, but the window is on a brick building with black trim around the window that is reflecting the building across the street. That photo received alot of good comments. My photos will be at the Bangor City Hall until March 19th when there will be another reception and I will then find out where my photos will go next.
The photo here is also in downtown Bangor. I believe it is a tobacco shop and the reflection is the building across the street.
Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Art Gallery

Well tonight is the big night. I have my gallery opening tonight and I am excited and nervous! I really don't know what to except. I hope the photos that I used look alright. Unfortunately I can't display them until after the show. I was asked by the gallery dealer to bring some sort of food item for the reception tonight. So I took this opportunity to bake some cookies and maybe do alittle promoting for my cookie business which is due to officially open February 1, 2010. Check out my cookie business blog at . I will be posting photos hopefully in the next few weeks. Anyway back to photography--I have been invited to donate 1 of my photos to one of the larger healthcare centers here in Maine for their big gala event in May There will be an auction in which my photo and several other item will be auctioned off. Which would produce quite a bit of publicity and hopefully customers. I just have to choose which photo. Lori tells me I should us one of my Color Reflections. I agree and I am thinking of one of these photos. Any opinions would be awesome!
Well I'll let you know how it goes. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well 2010 is off to a good start and I hope it continues that way. I am very excited to be participating in my very first art gallery exhibition. The event is celebrating Bangor, Maine's 175th Birthday and will be running January 15 throu April 15 2010. I am 1 of 10 women photographers who will be in the show.
The photo to the left is of one of the buildings in Downtown Bangor. I don't know if you can quite see it, but there is something looking out the bottom window.
You know when this year first rang in I had awful doubts about my photography future, but I have had a slight turn for the better and hopefully it continues.
When I switched to digital photography I thought for sure that I wouldn't be able to continue my handcoloring using traditional handcoloring techniques, but thanks to Dianne Poinski I have found paper that I can print on using my inkjet printer and using panpastels to handcolor. I do have a lot of practicing, but it will be well worth it. So that makes me very happy.
I am slowly getting connected with the right people. I do want to give a huge thanks to my photographer friend Lori. She has been a true friend and mentor to me. She inspires and encourages me constantly. I ask for input and she gives me honest answers. She is awesome!!!!!!!!!!! But don't tell her I said that. I am very thankful for her.
I have to try harder to stay in touch and keep updating.
Have a nice day everyone!