Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

Hi Everyone
Yesterday I went to a friends house to help with a kitchen sink removal which luckily took no time at all then we when on a photo shoot. I shot alot of great photos. I wanted to share these because when I photographed this Snapping Turtle she was laying eggs (up to 60 plus)and she had dug a hole along side the road and dropping the eggs into it. If you look at the top photo you can see a little white egg. In about 90-120 days the little hatchlings will appear and head to the pond that is to the left of her in the bottom 2 photos. I hope I can photograph them. Though my chances are not good being I live an hour away, but now that I know what to look for I can find nests near the side of the road near my home where I have seen them on the side of the road. They lay their eggs in a sandy soil which the side of the road there is plenty. Here's hoping.
The Bangor outdoor market went well and there will be another one this Thursday 6/18.
Slowly catching up with things. Today I decided to rest up I am so exhausted that I can't really focus too much on anything. Tomorrow I'll get an early start and get things done!
Have a great day!

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  1. These are great, and you are very correct, a face only a mother could love and would dare get close enough to!