Monday, February 8, 2010


So I have made some changes to my blog. Change is good! Change keeps life interesting. Just like my photography, I never know what I will photograph. Photography to me can be a time to reflect. To really look at what I have photographed and why. I do alot of photography at cemeteries. Some people don't particularly care for them, but you never know what you will see and learn. The gravestones alone can tell a story, but the wildlife can be just as interesting. I have seen everything in the local cemetery from snapping turtles to friendly gray squirrels, groundhog, ravens, herons and more. The cemetery is also a very peaceful place even if it is in the middle of a city. The patterns and shadows are amazing too. I actually leave there feeling relaxed and peaceful. Despite the gloom that looms over these places. Although I will say I will go to one at night. Besides they close at sunset.

I have a new follower, Yeah! Welcome Aussie Bryan. I was beginning to wonder if I would get more followers. I look forward to more followers and of course your comments.


  1. Thank you Cindi for following my blog and also for the advice you gave me, much appreciated. I enjoy looking at your photos, but also jealous as where you live you have lots of colours, snow and change of seasons. Here in Australia theres no snow where I am and the colours dont change much :( Keep up the great work.

  2. I just started following you too. :) I like this picture. Maybe it's just me but the gravestone shadow sort of reminds me of a person's shadow. Old cemeteries are great places to take pictures.

  3. I love seeing photos of gravestones. They are just interesting to me. I also look for ones with special inscriptions.