Friday, February 19, 2010

First Day One The Road

Hi All
Well so far so good. Yesterday I left home around 2pm. I was very sad to leave my Mom and the dogs and cats. All is good. Dogs are trying to adjust, but it has only been a day in a half.
We are now in Hersey, Pennsylvania and are staying the night at a friend of Loris'. No official camping yet, but I am ready for it. Lots of driving today, pretty exhausting. No photographing til maybe tomorrow. We will be heading through Virginia on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Should be very photographic with the recent snow. Then on to Florida which I suspect will be-what's today oh Friday-so probably Monday.
We or I did see a snowy owl which I thought was unusual for the time of day, but silly me it turned out to be a white garbage bag. Oops! White bag and white snow makes it a little tough to see. That is my only excuse.
Off for a good night rest. Chat more soon.

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