Saturday, February 27, 2010

We are in the Everglades

Hi everyone!
Well we are finally just on the outskirts of the Florida Everglades. Tomorrow we will be traveling through The Big Cypress National Preserve, then the Everglades. We spent the last few days in Sanibel, Florida photographing an amazing variety of wading birds at the Ding Darling Bird Refuge. We did see 1 alligator and he was about 7-8 feet in length. Absolutely beautiful! I'm sorry I don't have any photos yet. But we have been so busy photographing I haven't had time to doing any editing. I will have plenty when I get back. Which we expect will be any time after the 9th of March or so. Hang with me. I will have photos soon enough. Camping hasn't been half bad. We had one night with some serious wind. It did make me nervous but I got through it. And believe it or not it has been chilly in Florida! I think the real camping challenge will be in the Everglades this week were we are more likely to run into critters. But I trust Lori (who is an avid camper).
Well I guess that it is for now. I will post again soon. Chow!

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  1. That sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.