Monday, February 22, 2010

First Day Photographing

Hi All,
Well today there was alot to see. We went to the beach and saw all types of shore birds like terns, skimmers, pelicans and a great horned owl, and osprey, as well as wading birds which were at a rookery at Venice Beach, which included blue herons, white egrets, ibis, sandhill cranes. I also saw anoles (a small lizard) and butterflies. I did alot of seashell collecting which I love to do and I also photographed alot of the seashells. The water here on the Gulf of Mexico was soooo blue! Unbelievable! I got nice and sunburned today. I guess I need more sunscreen. No sign of alligators yet. Signs are everywhere, but not yet. I also had the experience of hanging out with some storks. They are bout 3-4 feet tall, white plumage and funky looking heads and very long and can be dangerous bills. They are the type of bird that only a mother could love.
Tonight will be my first official night sleeping in a tent. Hopefully the critters will stay away.
Sorry no photos yet. I will try soon. Post more soon.

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