Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Life to Un usable Photos

I have found a wonderful new technique to revive some of my photos that would normally end up in the junk pile.  I am using textures from Flypaper Textures.  It is alot of fun and I can really get creative.  I love the new look and I want to add them to my website.  I would love your opinions. 
I have actually discovered alot of new techniques in the past few months that I will be trying out.  Of course my hand coloring which I am working on and I hope to incorporate some textures to those hand colored photos.
I have also found an interest in HDR (high dynamic range). Thanks to Rob Hanson who recommended Captain Kimo e-book which I found very helpful, I will be playing around with HDR.  Unfortunately I don't have some of the software needed and I will have to invest in that later in the season.  I expect to be adding a lot of new works during course of the year.  Both in textures, HDR and hand coloring.  I am looking forward to a bunch of new photos and adding some kick to my collection.


  1. Love these! Textures are so much fun and you did a great job with these. It would be fun to try a little hand coloring here too!

  2. These look wonderful. The texture seems to give them a nice complexity.

  3. Thanks Dianne and Katherine. I appreciate your inputs.

  4. These texture photos look great! I've tried some of the textures in Picnik but I never got such wonderful results. HDR can look really cool but few people do it well imho. I never tried HDR but I've thought about trying to make my own textures.

    Have a great weekend!