Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Original To Textured To Black & White To Hand Colored

Original Blueberries
 This is the Original photograph before any thing was done to it.  These blueberries where from my own garden.  Which where quite tasty and my dog Ben thought so too.

Textured Blueberries
This photograph was textured using Flypaper Textures.
The textures I used were:
Colbalt Clouds
Evening Veil
Nuriel Clouds.
I am really liking the textures and how they look in black & white then to hand color.

Black and White Blueberries

I converted the textured photograph to black and white in Photoshop Elements 8. I convert it to black & white then used the infrared tool to lighten so I could keep all the textures details and then lighten up the shadows quite a bit.
I do want to point out that after I had sprayed the photo with the Premier Art Spray it darken up the photo a bit.

Hand Colored Blueberries

This is my first attempt at hand coloring using techniques that were taught to me by Dianne Poinski.  Unfortunately I don't have a flatbed scanner yet. So I had photographed the photo which I am not really good at, but this is the closest to the original photograph I could get.  It is very close just there is a little more green in the light colored berries and more green in the background, but the blue is pretty right on.  Some of the tools I used were q-tips for mixing my colors and the cotton balls were used to dab over the background and used blending sponges to blend.  It isn't perfect nor is it ready for sale, but I think I am on the right track and with more practice I will soon be almost as good as Dianne.
Over the next few days I will be doing some butterflies, sunflower, and ivy door and others.  Which I will post in future posts.


  1. Great start! I love how the combination of the textures and the hand coloring totally changes the mood of the photo. Love it!I can't wait to see more. Fun isn't it??

  2. You know it! I hope to have some ready for shows this year. Thanks for your support Dianne!