Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some Minor Changes to My Blog

German Chocolate Sandwich Cookie
I have decided to incorporate my Cookie Business blog with my Photography Business blog.  Since the reason I started the Cookie Business to help support the Photography Business so I thought it appropriate to converge them together as one blog. 

With that said.  Let me tell you about my day thus far.  I have a meeting Thursday with the Rockland Farmers Market.  This is a regular meeting to get things ready for market which starts May 19th.  At a previous meeting I had mentioned that I was going to bake pies for market this year since the vendor who would normally sell them won't be there this year, and I figured since I can make a killer Apple Pie with a flaky buttery crust, I thought I could also add Blueberry and Strawberry Rhubarb Pies.  So I told the group I would bring in samples to the meeting.  Okay I am so not a fruit pie maker.  Just Apple Pie.  So I got my crust ready and it's in the refrigerator.  Now for the filling.  I added all the necessary ingredients sugar, cornstarch (thickener) lemon juice.  Now in the past when I have made Blueberry pies they were always too runny, this time it was thick, but the flavor was off.  I think maybe it might have been because the blueberries were in the freezer too long.   So I think I'm on the right track and with more practice perhaps I could come up with a great Blueberry pie.  But for now no go.  The crust was great though! 

So on to the next experiment.  Peanut Butter Granola Bars.  I did everything as planned, crunchy peanut butter, brown sugar, honey, almonds and of course dark chocolate chips.  The bars have great flavor, but are not forming the bars like they are suppose to.  Maybe more cooking time next time.  At this point I am thinking that this isn't my day to be in the kitchen. 

So I am down to my final recipe that was a backup in case the other 2 didn't work out.  Whoopie Pies!  I absolutely love these!  This recipe is from my Gram and I cherish this recipe and the memories that go with it dearly.  At one point making the filling in the past it always seemed thin, but I followed the recipe to the letter.  I mentioned to Mom what was going on and she asked if I was whipping it until stiff.  That isn't on the recipe, but when I did it, it worked.  So what happened today?  I'm telling you it's not my day in the kitchen.  Anyway I may not have let my milk and flour thicken enough or I got carried away with the Marshmallow Fluff.  The cookies are great!  So tomorrow after groceries I will make the filling again. 

You know there are just some days that I shouldn't be in the kitchen and today is one of them.  I have also realized that maybe I should stick with just cookies.  I have a good assortment of them and they were enjoyed my many last year.  Kind of the saying "Don't fix it if it isn't broke", "Stick to what you know".  I know cookies and I am sticking to it.  So there!

After dinner I plan to do some hand coloring.  Waiting for some ink to arrive so I can do more printing in preparation of shows.

So Chow for Now!

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