Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sebasticook Lake, Newport, Maine

Monarch Butterfly
I am in love with Textures!  I have added a Textures Gallery to my website which I would love for everyone to check out.  I had a great time this week going through old photographs and seeing which photographs would work and which wouldn't.  I had to really look at each photograph and figure out which texture and which colors would work well together.   I have Photoshop Elements so I am limited to what I can do, but when I get Photoshop CS5 (I think that is the current version) I imagine the sky may be the limit.  So I have learn something new and challenged myself to see my photos in a different way.  I am pleased with the out come and I hope they will do well at the Festivals this year.  I have printed some black & white photos that I textured and I will be trying some hand coloring.  I am not sure which way will look better.  To hand color a textured black & white or to hand color a regular black and white then add texture.  I will try both ways to see which will work.
I will be sending out 4 more festival applications on Monday and I will be adding some samples of the textured photographs. 
Have a wonderful Day!

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