Thursday, February 24, 2011

What a Week

Where to start....Monday the computer was down for over 3 hours while the PC was getting cleaned up.  Then Tuesday was a rough start because of the computer and just getting out of bed on the wrong side.  Tuesday afternoon I signed up on Fine Art America to sell more photography and see if I get more sales through them than my own website.  Signing up was easy and once I figured everything out,  then I started the process of customizing a website and uploading photographs.  So come Wednesday evening all the photographs I was uploading were done.  It was just a matter of tweaking the site now, which I decided I would do Thursday morning.  And as of now I am somewhat pleased.  Not 100% yet, I'll do more tweaking later.  I have already received many comments on my work from Fine Art America viewers.

I have made changes to my Facebook fan page which now has a "Welcome" page which is from my website and a "Shop" page is from my Fine Art America site which now makes it possible to shop on Facebook.  I am really hoping this works out. 
I have made changes to my blog too.  I have added a couple of tabs.  One is for "The BlackHorse Cookie Company" which has the cookie menu and pricing and I also created a tab for "2011 Events" which I am updating alot lately.  In fact I will be adding 2 more shows as soon as I finish here.  Check out both tabs and let me know your thoughts.
I have done alittle snow shoeing after I have been taught by my neighbor's son Bobby who also helps with the my dogs after school and will be helping me out at the Rockland Farmers Market this summer.  He is a good kid, but need a little guidance and I hope I can give that to him.

Speaking of the Rockland Farmers Market, the meeting went well.  I have been elected Secretary.  Which I think I will do okay with, I will have a voice recorder with me being that I am terrible at taking notes and asking me to remember anything...well that won't happen.  I seem to be limited on what I will store in this brain of mine.  Looks like I need to master my fruit pies, there were no new members that applied that make pies.  So I will conquer the fruit pie!

I have applied at another Farmers Market in Brewer it is closer to home and I can do up to 5 market days with them, but I will only be doing 3 if they allow me, and when I'm doing an Art Show I will miss some days too.  Hopefully I'll know in the next few weeks if I am in.

So this afternoon I will finish tweaking my Fine Art America website and doing some social media stuff.  Tomorrow during the snow storm YUCK!!!!!! The weatherman is saying 6-12 inches of the white stuff.  When will it end!  Is it Spring yet!  Anyway I will start hand coloring again getting some ready for shows.  The photos I am hand coloring will remind me of Spring.  Spring....gentle breezes, the sweet sound of the songbirds, the budding trees, flowers blooming and the sweet fragrance of lilacs in the garden.  Oh that reminds me I need to plan out my garden.  Can't wait for Spring and the digging in the dirt and getting dirty!  Yeah!

Double Bloom Lilac

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