Friday, June 15, 2012

Flower Power Friday......Lupine

This week's flower is the Lupine.  These Lupines are growing in my backyard, but are very common throughout Maine.

Last year I planted 3 colors of Lupine, white, purple and pink in the meadow out back.  The goal is to let the lupines fill in the meadow.  Last year they all bloomed well and the white were especially abundent.  This year no signs of the white, the purple only 1 stalk and the pink are doing very well.  Not sure what went wrong.  Maybe next year they will all be blooming.  I will say the plants came back, just not all the blooms.  Bummer! 

My peaches are getting bigger every day.  I am seeing more of them too.
I have planted tomatoes, peppers, cukes, basil and sunflowers.  All of which are doing well.  I thought for a bit there that I had to replant my sunflowers due to all the rain we had last week, but after some drying out I saw them starting to pop up.  I have tried to grow peppers in the past, but with little luck.  I am hoping this year will be better. 

Have a fabulous weekend! 
Happy Father's Day to all you Dads
I Love You Dad!


  1. Beautiful flowers! So annoying when not everything comes back the way it should :/

  2. Just love this Cindi. Simply beautiful and great use of textures.

  3. Lovely flower!

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    Thank you! Ali :)

  4. This is really nice. Like the look for this.