Friday, June 1, 2012

I've Been Found!!!!

Wow!  I've heard of Gray Squirrels being a nuisance at bird feeders, but these Brown Squirrels top the cake.  I started with one and it was cute.  Then 2 and I was still okay with it, but now there is 3 and a Chipmunk!!!!  Someone is spreading the word.............The first Brown Squirrel that started coming around we suspect is a female who perhaps has a litter of babies.  The other 2 not really sure.  One I wonder if it's from her litter since she doesn't seem to mind him/her around.  Either way I now have to figure out how to deter them.

This little guy along with his cohorts finished birdseed in the house feeder and now he is working the finch feeder as the Finches and Sparrows and Cowbirds watch and wait!!!

I will say my cat Dexter keeps a very close eye on all 3 of the squirrels and the chipmunk.  He would love to go get em, but brown squirrels are mean and I'm afraid Dexter wouldn't have a chance!  Not that I would let him do it even if he did have a chance.

In case you missed them here are my Treasuries for the week

I was feelin groovy when I made this treasury

Some great artists on Etsy

Finally Nothin tastes better than Maine Lobstah!!

Have a Awesome Weekend!!!

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