Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Farm Friends

I have been house sitting my neighbors animals which consist of 20 plus chickens (free eggs),3 miniature goats, Frosty, Badger and Tilly pictured here, 4 sheep Collette, Estella, and Ellen and a ram named Durango, also she has a white pony Meggie and finally a llama named Leroy as in Big Leroy Brown. He and I are not seeing eye to eye. In fact he chatters is teeth at me with ears back. Which isn't good. As long as I keep my distance we will be just fine. The afternoon feeding is exciting, because while I am bringing hay to Leroy and Durango (they share space) Durango is barreling up the path and Leroy won't move and Durango literally rams Leroy in the chest and Leroy pushes Durango back. Durango being the ram he is keeps pushing until he gets to the hay at which time Leroy gives in. Apparently this happens often. The animals are quite fun and interesting. One of her sheep is pregnant, but no signs of little lambs yet. I'll try to get photos of the llama and the ram.
Taxes are going well. I just finished, but I have some loose ends I need to further check out before I let the IRS have it.
Have a nice day!

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