Friday, February 6, 2009

You know I started this blog with the intention of promoting my photography business. I am truly happy and excited that I am able to pursue my passion for photography and to make it my life's work. I am a dreamer and a true believer that with hard work and patience and the willingness to do what you truly want in life it will happen. When I finally decided to quit my job and move on with my career as a photographer I knew in my heart of hearts that it is the right thing to do. I could feel it deep in my soul. I will say that it has been a lot of work and a major financial struggle, but it is worth every bit, and I am still struggling. And I will continue to struggle to be the best photographer/business person that I can be. It is amazing what you can learn about yourself when you want something bad enough. I have taught myself digital photography, creating my own website and html language and now I'm learning to do my own taxes no thanks to my ex accountant, but it will make me a better business person. To some this may not seem like much, but for someone like myself whose doesn't have much technical background or a business degree, I think I'm doing a darn good job, and I will only get better.
Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Tomorrow I will be hitting the tax books.

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